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Super honest moment here….Big clutter, messy play rooms, garages that need organized... not my thing.  SO not my thing. So not my thing SO much I literally go limp, melt down, anaphylactic shock hits my body, I have a sudden onset of paralysis and I colapse into a comatose state. It is bad you guys.  Like really bad.  Listen, don't judge my complete inability to handle this.  I can handle big, bad things.  I can handle crazy situations that would have you fetal positioning in .5 seconds.... just not messy closets, k?  Thanks.

I cleaned out the back of my car this week, aka Ryder's football transportation mobile, and guess what I found?  I found gatorade, a rustic cuff, a single flip flop, a spatula, about 72 eyelash curlers (it's an issue I refuse to deal with), sharpies, bubbles, shoes that need returned, my books, kid books, enough old french fries to feed Tulsa's hungry, a redbox (which I now own)  and a marshmallow roasting stick.  Most people would carry these things inside and return them to their proper place. Me? I motionlessly stare at the bag I stuffed all the junk in,  then casually place the whole bag in an inconspicuous spot, and walk past said bag for the next few months until I need an eyelash curler. Why? Because the clutter is so much, so random, so overwhelming, it feels impossible to remedy.

My mom on the other hand is the champ at all things decluttering. She can organize, see the details working together and have each thing in its proper place in no time. We used to butt heads on this matter until one day, the good Lord was looking out for me and shined down some compassion in her "organizing is so easy" heart. I was struggling to pick up my room and by struggling, I mean my life had ended, kill me now and let me die a happy 5th grader type of struggling.  It wasn't because I was lazy, or didn't want to clean... it was because the task seemed too big for me to accomplish, so why even try?  After what felt like decades of “not coming out of my room until it was clean”, she came up with an ingenious idea.  She took my hoola-hoop, placed it around some clutter and said… “Focus on this bit.”  Whenever I was finished cleaned that section, she would move the hoop to a different area and repeat, “Focus on this bit.”  It worked!  I could handle the small section with a few random things to clean.  "Bit" by "Bit" she would have me just focus on the small section I could handle, and then move it until the whole place was spic and span.  

I am not sure if you have felt overwhelmed by the Texas floods and you thought your impact would be too minimal to count.  Perhaps not knowing exactly what to do, or who to send help to or how to even do it has been paralyzing, like me staring at my bag (possibly 3 bags by the weekend).  Most of our hearts hurt with those affected.  Most of us want to do something.  Most of us have asked God to be with them and help them.  Most of us have done nothing beyond that. 

Why?  It feels too big.  It feels too messy.  It feels like your $5, $10…. $500 wouldn’t even put a dent in the heart-breaking tragedy. 

YOU ARE WRONG, every single effort, penny and prayer makes a difference. 

I would like to challenge you to look within the hoola-hoop of the situation.  Look at what you CAN do, right now, in this moment…. And do it.  Let me echo my mom and say, "Focus on this bit."  You don't have to do it all, give millions like celebrities or even take a month vacation to volunteer.  However, you can... just focus on "the bit" you can do.  We have the opportunity to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless.  Little by little, each of us focusing on our own hoola-hoop opportunity, we can impact lives.

I know its challenging to know exactly where to give, and who will have high integrity to make sure each cent goes to helping those who need.  Let me offer a suggestion.  My personal friends Rigel and Shayla Crow are the real deal.  I met them in Bible school over 15 years ago and I promise you the organization they are connected with is making things happen.  I will include link if you would like to give there.  $5, $10.... $1?  Focus on your "bit" and together we can make a huge impact.