Because she is someone’s daughter.

Because she is someone’s mom.

Because she is someone’s wife.

Because she could have been me.

Because she didn’t grow up wanting to do this.

Because she has gifts, talents and she is smart.

Because she has dreams.

Because God crafted her.

Because God wants her to come home.

Because we see her for who she really is.

Because she is loved and valuable and has no idea she is.


Why do we go? 

That is why we go.


If we don’t go, who will?  If I don’t bridge the gap between the love of the Father and these sweet women, then who?  Eternity is long and hell is hot.  Do I even have a flippin choice?  No.  No, I don’t.  If He will leave the 99 to find the 1, who am I to think I can be content playing some type of organized religious, suburbia pattycake and call it Christianity?  I prayed Psalm 2:8 for years, and He has answered my prayer.  He has awoken me to the cries of the lost, the broken and the hurting, and woe to me if I turn a deafened ear because it messes up my first-world, family-time rhythms. 


I don’t have time to be intimidated by the mean girls, or flirty and/or burly bouncers.  The dark no longer scares me, nor does the perversion intimidate me.  The gawking stares from the men, the undressing us with their eyes, creepy cat calls, its all whatever by now.  I push through the awkwardness of the nakedness, praying over loud music, or the times they take more than one gift, aka stealing.  There is no fear, because we are focused.  Focused on her.  The one. 


I am writing this quickly and last minute.  I probably should have been working on this article for a week or so, but alas, its me… and maybe one day I will be better at adulting.  We leave in 3 hours”ish”, and my heart has been weighed with a call to pray all week.  This month, I don’t ask for your donations.  This month, I ask for your prayers.


SO would you take a moment to talk to our Father on our behalf ?


Pray that they would see the Lord’s love clearly.  Pray we would have words seasoned with grace, and boldness.  Pray genuine relationships would be cultivated.  Pray we would see them as He does, and He would continue to meet the needs of No Strings Attached.  We aren’t doing this without Him, His presence, or His guidance and that’s just the bottom line. 


Thank you for your prayers, your social media love… and your donations.  Women are be impacted with the love of God because you care, and do something about it.  From the bottom of my stripper loving heart, thank you.