Voices from other people have this creepily way of sneaking into our own, private thoughts about ourselves. Sometimes, their voices are composed of words they've actually said to us or about us. Other times, it's what they have done or not done that has disillusioned or disappointed us. Their actions somehow, begin to color our own worth. They treat us well, we must be good, and worthy of this treatment.  They treat us badly, we must be bad and deserve what we get. Just as impactful, we can allow just what we think they are thinking to erode a healthy thought pattern into a ditch of destructive self-talk.  

Who gives them this power?  Why do other people (those we love, despise, barely know, know really well, only know through social media, family) get to decide our own thoughts about our own self?!  Why?  Because we have allowed them to. 

This should not be so my friends, therefore.... I call bullcrap. All the bullcrap. (Is that one or two words...?... anyway) 
Bullcrap to letting anyone who didn't make you, name and/or define you. Nobody else gets to decide who I am but my Heavenly Father. Bullcrap to me, letting ANYONE sneak in and whisper my worth to me. Nobody else gets to tell me what I'm capable of, worthy of, or what my value is. When my thoughts start deeming me unloved, uninvited or dismissed, this is when I call....Bull to the crap.  

I recalibrate= Take a deep breath. Remember the baseline of it all. God made me. He loves me. He gets to say who I am. 

I remind= I am loved. I am wanted. I am flawed, yet fully accepted.  I am capable.  I am In Him, holy, righteous and deemed worthy of love, even Love, Himself. 

I resume= I walk as a worthy woman. I think like a valued woman. I speak as someone who is sought after then, I look for others to love, to create value in and to show their worth as well. 

So the next time you find yourself responding to being called, treated as or spoken to like anything less than who He has created you to be.... Recalibrate, Remind, Resume. 

And.... call all the Bullcrap on anything less.