I can honestly say that May was our best trip so far. It feels so weird to type this, because I am still confused why God would pick me to do this. People have been known to call me a prude when it comes to all things music, movies, and TV. I seriously cringe at TV commercials because I think they are too sexual. Honestly, the team He put me with is way more natural with the dancers than I am. They seem to be more graceful in their conversations with smooth transitions about kids, where they are from, or God's love. I just find myself awkwardly commenting on their eye shadow all of the time. I mean, where else am I supposed to look?! Haha. 

 I am constantly in awe of the people God called to go with me. They all carry beautiful gifts that I just don't have, I guess God knows what He is doing.

   Friday we went to 3 different clubs. One club, has told us "No." several times. This time was different. Somehow, some way... with the salesmanship of some of the team, and the favor of God, we got in. Can I just tell you that good conversations happened? No, more like "God" conversations happened. We were able to provide meals, homemade baked goods, and Starbucks cards to the ladies. We even brought a rose for each of the moms. (Which most of them are.)

   When we tell them that we want to give them a gift and that God loves them JUST as they are, with no strings attached, the looks on their faces are a mix between a deer caught in the headlights and that look you have when they hand you the wrong drink at Starbucks.


Things that were said:

"Why do you guys do this?"

"I can't believe I have my own rose."

"I used to go to church."

"Well, I used to be a mom, I lost my kids."

"I don't like church people."

"I feel so loved and special."

"Will you pray for me, I am in a custody battle?"

""I want to burn this place down!"

"What? This (gift card) is for me?"

"You all are so pretty."

"Strippers have a soul too."

"Can I show you a picture of my daughter?"

"You guys came back!!!"


God has been faithful to do all of this, and it is really cool to sense the anointing right in the strip club. People ask me all of the time if they can go with me. Although I wish I could take everyone who has a heart for these ladies, we just can't. As we build relationships with the managers, we are trying to be as little of a disturbance as possible. We take a small team inside, (with our own security outside), to keep on the managers good sides. (I can neither confirm or deny that we also bless (bribe) them with homemade cookies.) If you are wanting to be a part, there are other just as important ways you can help.


- Money. To be honest, we need money and lots of it. With adding the third club, we are at feeding and giving gifts to 60-75 ladies per month. Obviously, this adds up and we would love the help. You can donate right on this website. Then, you get an instant reward in heaven, and on your taxes. :)


- Prayer. I called out to Facebook last time for prayer. Hundreds joined us in prayer and I believe this is the reason this was our best trip. Real change happens when we pray. We aren't wishing upon a star or throwing a coin for luck. We are speaking to a real God, about real needs, and He answers our prayers.


- Time. I am just going to be extremely transparent here. I hate wrapping gifts or even putting them together. I am not crafty, have never been crafty, and will never be crafty. It frustrates me and the details make me want to puke and cry. Yes, puke and cry. Beginning in June, one night a month, the team will meet together to help "cutesify" the gifts. If you are in the Tulsa vicinity, we would love for you to help! And by help, I mean I will watch you make the gifts from my corner I am curled up in crying fetal position style. Jk. (sort of)


Thank you for helping or even quite honestly, even caring about these ladies. Many have called them worthless, unlovable and much worse. God calls them HIS daughters. The seeds of hope we are planting are real and they will bear beautiful eternal fruit.


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