Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon's "Ew" sketch?  He is basically playing the role of a pre-pubescent girl who has friends come visit in her basement, where she does an internet show called "EW!".  The tweens are easily annoyed and grossed-out by almost anything.  "Have you seen the new barbies?  Ew." "My step dad Gary thinks he can dance. Ew."  "Tom asked me to the dance via text last night.  Ew."  Since watching these skits, the dialogue of "Ew", now comes into my head quite often.  My son lets out gas in the car, in my head I hear, "Ew".  Someone offers me duck or lamb to eat, "Ew".  I accidentally turn my phone camera on whilst the phone be in an unflattering angle which reveals all four of my chins, "Ew." 

Recently, I was annoyed when an acquaintance of mine had acted so horribly towards a waitress, and in my inner dialogue all I could think was "Ew".  I was speaking to God about it, then He both gently and sternly whispered to me, "Your sin is ugly too". The tricky part about sin, is it is easy to detect in others, but sometimes difficult within ourselves.  ( CLICK HERE TO TWEET!) "Ew". Friends, let us be careful to not shine a flattering soft light upon our sin, and a florescent, hideous light upon others' sin.

 Either we believe grace is free, unlimited and greater than humanity's sin or we don't.  Either we believe there is no perimeter on how many times His forgiveness is available, for any mistake we made, no matter how many times we do it or who we do it with or we don't.  Either we believe His love never gives up, runs out or ceases, or we don't. (CLICK HERE TO TWEET!) 


I feel as though the body of Christ is truly realizing how much God has set His good intentions upon them.  There has been an awakening pushing us away from guilt and pushing us to a Savior.  However, if we are not careful, we can quickly become self-righteous and begin rating whose sin is worse.


Is the racist worse than the liar?  The drunk worse than the glutton?  Does the homosexual's sin weigh more than the gossip's sin? 


If grace, righteousness, forgiveness and mercy are free gifts to us, they must be a free gift to all.  If it is true for the layman, it is true for the politician.  If it is true for the church goer, it is true for the non-church goer. 


This is why Ephesians 3 urges us to pray " together with all the Lord's holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."  His love is beyond our reasoning.  His forgiveness is beyond our definition of justice.  His mercy, fresh every morning, without cease, no matter what the night before may have held. (CLICK TO TWEET!) 


Today, refuse to be the modern day Pharisee.... and show His love to those whose sin makes you cringe.  It is in these places, we organically reveal the heart of our Father.  Get off the pews of "Ew", and onto the Pew of agape, grace and forgiveness.


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