The Pictures  with the fade over them quoting something, inspires us to our deepest core.  In fact, it inspires us so much that we never change or do anything with the inspiration.

The   Philosophies on how to raise our kids which somehow breed a very obedient, respectful kid, all the while harboring their hearts from the disillusionment which comes from a discipline too harsh.

The Recipes which nourish our bodies as well as our souls.  (Which come from our organic garden, made from non-gmo sources, with non-pesticide filled dirt, yet magically grow big veggies while keeping the bugs away.)

The Trend-Setting Wear which say, "I care, but not too much."


Dear Friend,


When will you see that Jesus is the ultimate inspiration?  When will you see that time, with your door shut, talking to Him, thinking on His words....brings REAL inspiration? (click here to tweet!)   The kind of inspiration that makes you DO something and not just THINK something.


He knows how to raise your kids.  The spirit of God indwells you.  Whoa.  Think about that.  Me.  The one who raised my voice at my  5 year old today.  The one that ate too much chocolate two days ago.  Me.  THE SPIRIT OF GOD.  The Creator, the Comforter, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Healer... He dwells in us as believers.  Why in the world would we try to do all of this crap ourselves?  Bottom line: He made them, He loves them more than you do, He will show you how and equip you with the best way to take care of them. ( click here to tweet this!)  #boom #done


Do I really need to tell you about the living water which makes us to never thirst again?  There was one prerequisite.  He said, "COME UNTO ME."  So I say, "You thirsty, empty, dry, nothing else to offer weary soul... GOOOOO!!!!!" Go unto Him.  Talk to Him, cry to Him, lay at His feet.

Hashtag... #Trending:

Only Jesus knows the appropriate thing for NOW.  I am not talking about whether or not it's ok to wear these hideous styles at the age of 36 (the Aztec, the booties, the 80's neon, men showing ankles, and the florals).

I am talking about a lifestyle so focused on what everyone else is doing.  We can't look to everyone else and expect them to set our spiritual thermostat for where we need to be at and what we need to be doing.  When you are filled with the Spirit of God and you know His voice, you have a NOW response for everywhere you go--tough love, a gentle answer, many yesses, or a loving "No".  Jesus knows what the TRENDING thing is right now for you. (click to tweet this!)

I am done with looking at these women organizing a lifetime's worth of paleo crockpot meals with 3 ingredients.   I am done with looking at how to swallow a mixture of coconut oil, lemon, and cayenne pepper in order to lose weight.

If you want real change, go talk to Jesus.  

"...Right now?"

 "Yes. Right now."  

"But I am at home about to go to sleep and I am dominating at candy crush."

"Right now."

"But I am at work and I just got a FB notification. " 

"Right now."


Jesus, Himself beats Pinterest every time.  

Pinterest ain't got nothing on Jesus.  




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